Hey 👋

I'm Will Townsend, and I created this project late 2017 as I play guitar and often record myself to make sure I'm improving. To do so, I enjoy streaming directly to a private video on YouTube and had great success using OBS Studio to do so. I purchased the Logitech C920 Pro webcam as that is widely considered the best webcam for streaming, but was unhappy with the video quality.

Being an iOS developer, I had my old iPhone lying around and knew that the camera in that was miles better than the C920. I got to work figuring out a way to make a plugin for OBS Studio that would connect to my iPhone. After many hours of experimentation, I managed to get a proof of concept up and running - good enough for me as the sole user - and used it to record myself learning to play guitar.

After showing a few people the app and plugin that I had created, there was obvious interest from others - suggesting that other people would be able to benefit from the project too, so I spent a few weeks making it ready for other people to use, and download via the App Store.

I have plans to continue working on this for as long as it's viable. I'd love to add focus ✅, multiple device support ✅, wifi streaming ✅, improved decoding in the plugin (hardware decoding), official SLOBS support, and more.