Getting Started

Let's get you up and running so you can start your stream! All going well, this will take less than 5 minutes.


If you'd like the lowest latency, most reliable stream and have a USB cable with you, I would recommend using the USB connection method.

Please follow the iOS Camera Plugin guide here ->

NewTek NDI & WiFi

If portability is more your thing, or you'd like to use Camera for OBS Studio with any other NewTek NDI compatible application, then feel free to try wifi! Make sure to read up on the network requirements of the NewTek NDI protocol before you give this a go.

Please follow the NewTek NDI guide here ->

Streamlabs OBS

As mentioned in the FAQs, only the NewTek NDI WiFi connection method is supported with Streamlabs - they don't allow third party plugins. Read more about NDI and Streamlabs OBS.