Use Cases

Here are a few ideas that I came up with that you might be able to use the app for. I personally use it to record guitar sessions, and have two iOS devices setup to get a wide shot of myself, and a close up of the loop station.


  • Stream yourself so your fans can enjoy your facial expressions.
  • Add a wideshot camera angle to add contrast to your live stream.
  • Add a shot of your keyboard in the corner of the stream. Is that a thing?


  • Broadcast your practice sessions live to your private (or public if you're braver than me) YouTube account so you can review them later to look for areas of improvement.


  • Add a video to your broadcast while filming your show.


  • Add an NewTek NDI camera to your VJ software.


  • Broadcast a live (or record) experiment and put it on the big screen in front of the class.

And more!

This isn't a complete list of what you can use a camera for. Go forth and conquor! (And let me know what you ended up using it for!).