Here are some answers to the most common questions I receive.

Connection Issues

Q: Not connecting and shows "Waiting for Connection" in the app even though I've followed the instructions

A: You will need to unplug your device, force quit the app on the iPhone and launch it again.

Q: I'm on Windows and my iOS device isn't connecting

Make sure you've installed iTunes. On Windows iTunes provides the service to communicate to your iOS device over USB. iTunes doesn't need to be running, but does need to have been installed and run at least once.

Q: OBS Studio crashed after plugging in my iPhone

A: If OBS crashes after adding the iPhone Camera source to your scene, try again and make sure to follow the instructions at the top of this page. I've experienced this issue and it always works the second time - I know this isn't good enough, and I'm looking into the cause of this issue.

Q: I don't see audio input in OBS Studio

A: Make sure you've updated the plugin from getting started page as Audio support was added in v2.2.0 (of the plugin and the iOS App) and above. You will need to download and install the new version of the plugin if you've installed the plugin previously.


Q: How can I stream in landscape mode?

Make sure your iOS devices rotation lock is disabled. Then with the app running, simply rotate your phone landscape and the video will switch to landscape mode.

Q: How can I change the output resolution?

Tap the settings icon in the app, then tap on a resolution and framerate of your choice. Be careful though, high framerates and resolutions may put your system under stress and not be able to be decoded in realtime. I'd recommend sticking at 720p30, 720p60 or 1080p30.

You might have more luck than my old MacBook Pro though 🙂

Q: Is Camera for OBS Studio compatible with Streamlabs OBS?

Kinda. You'll have to use the NewTek NDI WiFi connection method, and read about NDI and Streamlabs OBS.

Unfortunately you can't install any old OBS Studio plugin into Streamlabs OBS so the low latency USB Connection method will not work. You can try and upvote this issue and see what the devs say. https://ideas.streamlabs.com/ideas/SL-I-4830