iOS Camera Plugin Changelog

Here's the changes for the OBS Studio plugin.

v2.6.1 - May 18th 2020
  • Improve connection behavior
  • Fix rare issue where switching decoders/restarting connection could put the video decoder into an unrecoverable state

v2.6.0 - April 30th 2020
  • Add latency option. Normal or Low. Low latency is default.
  • Add option to use a hardware decoder on MacOS.

v2.5.2 - April 19th 2020
  • Fixes an issue where the plugin would unnecessarily reconnect to the device when starting and stopping streaming in OBS Studio

v2.5.1 - March 24th 2020
  • Fixed the unidentified developer warning upon plugin installation

v2.5.1 - October 11th 2019
  • Fix issue loading plugin on v24.x.x on Windows

v2.5.0 - March 2nd 2019
  • Fixes issues with multiple devices and crashing when closing OBS Studio
  • Remove excessive reconnecting to devices. This fixes a bunch of issue with getting multiple devices connected.
  • Fix CI building

v2.4.0 - January 13th 2019
  • Fix Fixes distorted video rendering that was found on some iOS devices that are older than 2 years.

v2.3.2 - August 21st 2018
  • Fix Add support for OBS Studio v22 on the mac

v2.3.1 - July 28th 2018
  • Improvement Improve audio decoding performance when using USB
  • Fix Incremented build number (v2.3.0 didn't correctly report the version number in the log)

v2.2.1 - July 14th 2018
  • Fix Fix issue where plugin wouldn't load correctly on macOS.

v2.2.0 - July 13th 2018
  • New Add audio support.

Make sure to update to v2.2.1 if you're on macOS

v2.0.1 (macOS only) - May 15th 2018
  • Fix Fixed a framework loading issue that prevented the plugin from loading

v2.0.0 - May 15th 2018
  • New Add support for multiple devices
  • New Add preferences, with button to reconnect to your device.

  • Improvement Improve performance of decoding, allows higher frame rates and resolution (depending on your hardware)
  • Improvement Improve connection reliability so it's now easier to connect a device. If you have trouble, toggle the visibility of the iOS Camera input and that'll force a reconnection. If that doesn't work, force quit Camera for OBS Studio on your iOS Device and try again - working on improving this.
  • Fix Fix issue on OSX where you had brew install ffmpeg before the plugin would load

  • Initial release with Mac & PC Support 🎉

iOS App Changelog

Here's the list of changes for the Camera for OBS Studio iOS App.

v3.0.0 - May 5th 2020
  • Add all new capture screen including manual camera controls, exposure peaking, focus peaking & histogram
  • Add ability to switch Camera Lens (Ultra-wide now supported on iPhone 11)
  • Improve encoding performance when switching/flipping cameras
  • Fix audio streaming glitches on newer devices (sound is bearable now)

v2.5.0 - March 3rd 2019
  • Update NDI to version 2.8 to improve performance
  • Add support for the new iPhone XS Max
  • Add support to change keyframe interval when using the USB Connection Mode
  • Improve Focus Crosshair UI
  • Fix issue where focus crosshair would dim while changing the brightness

v2.4.1 - September 23rd 2018
  • Fix Fix rotation issue on iPad.

v2.4.0 - August 3rd 2018
  • New Add new settings: Independently choose resolution, frame rates and the encoding bitrate to find the sweet spot between performance and quality
  • Fix Fix stretched video preview on iPad
  • Fix Fix issue with flipped image when using the front facing camera (Not sure this is the best solution, but for now the video is now correct on the receiver)

v2.3.0 - July 28th 2018
  • Fix Fix issue with rotating buttons in landscape
  • New Add NewTek NDI WiFi streaming!

v2.2.0 - July 15th 2018
  • Fix Fix issue where launching app while your device is in landscape would be problamatic
  • New Add microphone support (requires [OBS Studio plugin v2.2.0+](/docs/getting-started/))
  • Improvement Redesigned settings screen

v2.1.0 - June 1st 2018
  • New Your quality setting is now remembered between launches!
  • Fix Fix issue where iPad would crash under some circumstances
  • Fix Fix issue where switching between rear and front facing camera would freeze on older devices

v2.0.0 - May 15th 2018

Here's the next major release - major cause' you've got to update the OBS Studio plugin before it'll connect. I've added the much requested features that you've asked for.

  • New Add support for multiple devices
  • New Add tap to focus just like the camera app
  • New Add pinch to zoom
  • Improvement Improved connection handling

  • New Add installation instructions for Windows
  • New Add message about higher resolutions and framerates
  • Improvement Set keyframe duration to every 10 frames to improve sync

  • New Add new icon
  • New Add link to the OBS Plugin in the settings screen
  • New Add ability to see which resolution is currently selected in the settings screen
  • Fix Fix issue where rotating your device in the settings screen, and then closing the settings screen would result in the video preview being laid out incorrectly
  • Fix Fix issue where the video would playback in super speed after closing settings after a minute or two
  • Improvement Improve the appearance of the settings button

  • Initial Release